How could MUW benefit you Insurer in your marine operations?

Working with MUW is a great added value for the Insurance Company because MUW has big expertise that Insurers may not have in the challenging world of the marine insurance niche market and which can be costly to develop in-house. Working with us, an Insurer which may want to explore this specialty line of business without taking on the risks of doing so, can appoint MUW, an internationally known and well reputed MGA that already has the knowledge to offer up that expertise, already familiar with the shipping risks.

MUW can also write business in geographical areas where Insurers do not want to set up an office; working with MUW, based in Genoa the Italian Capital of the marine insurance, provides the Insurers with access to the biggest Owners’ Mediterranean communities and markets like, between the others, the Italian and the Greek ones.

Are you an Insurance Company interested in writing marine business via MUW ?

MUW is today a consolidated underwriting agency in marine insurance market, with long established relationships with a big number of brokers and large clients.

MUW, with its culture of profit and efficiency, provides the Insurance Companies with:

  • a high level of knowledge & experience;
  • underwriting & claims leadership;
  • service to international specialized marine brokers;
  • a recognized reputation with regard to providing innovative insurance solutions;
  • operational excellence;
  • an in-house administrative team which supports the underwriting team
  • a tailor made first class IT Solution which assists MUW in all its operations, from analytics to accountancy, from underwriting processes to claims adjusting
  • MUW underwrites marine risks through dedicated tools and models, enriched with datas collected from specialized source of news, analysis and insight for the global shipping industry
  • MUW maintains a constant control of the consistency with the daily updated underwriting rules and guidelines. A regular monitoring and review of all the underwriting/claims adjusting activities and processes is carried out to immediately identify any possible critical issue and define actions accordingly
  • MUW underwrites on the basis of a pricing tool per line of business and has a set of underwriting guidelines.

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